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June 18, 2012
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Clovis Hansen-Hearts by Kouri-n Clovis Hansen-Hearts by Kouri-n
:iconclockhearts::iconclockhearts::iconclockhearts: Meet my idiot child~ <3

[edit 1.4.14] Revamp for Diamond Reign. Used my peach to genderbend Clovis. He's pretty tall for a girl. 

[edit 11.24.13] Revamp to Joker reign. Barely meeting deadlines ;;u;; Thanks to =yueru for the uniform design. 
[edit 5.19.13] Revamp to steampunk theme for Spade reign. I'm not completely satisfied with this drawing, but I had to get it in soon.
[edit 1.5.12] Added more information to his history.
[edit 11.22.12] Revamp added for the new reign of Diamond. The theme is lolita *w* so many prettily dressed charas~. I reverted back to my normal-ish coloring style this time. I personally like it a lot better.
[edit] Woohoo I got in! Thank you!


Name: Clovis Hansen

Gender: male

Apparent Age: 17-18

Height: 5'11"

Faction: Hearts

Role: The Failed Knight

:bulletgreen: Skilled swordsman
:bulletgreen: Skilled yo-yo-er (yes it's a word ><)
:bulletgreen: Looses things easily (a blessing and a curse)

Weapon: Red Katana

:bulletblue: Feeling like a badass
:bulletblue: Yo-yos
:bulletblue: Weird things (easily intrigued by the stupid and bizarre)
:bulletblue: Traveling

:bulletred: Thieves (because he thinks people are always stealing his belongings, when in reality he just looses them)
:bulletred: People who don't talk (he thinks he's being ignored)
:bulletred: Scissors (the only kind of blade that he is scared of)
:bulletred: Tapioca

Clovis tends to have a large ego and thinks he's a total badass (too bad for him, because he's just about the opposite) although these sides are not as prominent as one would think. He tends to be energetic and goof off, but he does have his serious moments. He also tends to overreact to what people say and goes berserk over puppies. He lacks any true ability to pick up on social queues and often comes across as over the top, startling most strangers who talk to him. His favorite possession in the world is his yo-yo, but he carries around two of them because of his tendency to lose things very quickly.

Clovis was born in the Hearts faction to a family of gardeners for the royal family (yes they take care of roses and other frilly things). He's never really taken a great liking to these sorts of tasks and had made the fact quite clear to his family. However he knew that he would most likely have to take over the same role as his parents. When he was out helping with the garden one day, a man planted a clockheart in his coat pocket hoping that he could frame the boy for murder (not like he would actually get in any trouble for it, but that's beside the point). Clovis found it on his walk home and ended up loosing it right next to that very man's house (he also ended up loosing his left sock down the road and still hasn't been able to find it to this day...). Thinking that he would be able to receive some kind of reward, the man ranted to a nearby knight the next day about seeing Clovis stealing clockhearts. However when the knight found the clockheart next to that very man's house, he stood up for Clovis's case *ah stupid, ignorant boy, I will save you from this lunatic*. After that day, Clovis was set on becoming a knight himself. Not because of the fact the knight stood up for him that day, but simply because he had been wearing a cool helmet with fancy horns decorated on the sides and wanted one for himself (oh, the simple minded).

Since then Clovis has been training to fulfill his role as a knight, but he hasn't really made it that far. He's now famous, but only because of how he tends to screw up at the last minute. Despite all of this he's actually quite skilled with his sword, but because he's distracted easily, he still doesn't quite make it all the way.

As for his family, it was made up of his father, mother, younger sister, and him. His parents were quite average and took great pride and joy in their roles as garden keepers. Despite their normal methods of raising their two children, the youngsters still turned out to have a loose screw somewhere in their noggins. Clovis was a rather happy child but lacked most common sense and the ability to pick up on social queues. Their daughter was actually quite bright but was also a nuisance and a smart aleck, not to mention a little odd in general. She often got into arguments with kids and adults alike, which in the end led to her demise. When they were both younger, Clovis at around 14 and his sister Emmeline at around 9, Clovis and his parents were away tending to the gardens and left little Emmeline at home alone. It didn't bother her much; in fact she saw people as mere objects to play with when she was bored and generally distanced herself from others. She was outside drawing up a game of hopscotch when a boy around her brother's age approached her. She challenged him to a game and won, but she couldn't let it stop there. Emmeline taunted the boy endlessly, until he became so angry that he killed her. The boy turned out to have quite a sadistic side and stole her clockheart as well. In later events, it was shattered completely by a prisoner who was wrongly accused and figured there wasn't anything holding him back anymore from breaking it completely. Clovis and the rest of his family were told of this after they returned home that evening. However, Clovis didn't cry in such a way as his parents did at the news. He had never been particularly close to her and had been bullied by her since she could crawl. His parents later disappeared, although he's unsure of whether they were killed or they abandoned him, but he chose to believe the former. The loss of his family left Clovis mostly unscathed however as he was only able to remember nice things about them, and he currently feels little anger towards those that had pulled his family apart. Now he lives by himself in the same small cottage with his army collection of yo-yos. However, as he tends to be sent of job assignments that have little to do with knightdom and rather reflect the jobs of a traveling messenger, his house is normally not in the cleanest of states and it is a miracle to be able to just see the floor.

Due to his inability to provide a proper job as a knight, the nobility tend to assign him matters of "lesser significance" such as fetching them items from other factions or delivering messages. Clovis being the moron he is, actually enjoys traveling jobs much more than any he could be assigned inside of the castle and looks forward to his travels and meeting new people.

CH: Clovis' Inventory by Kouri-n

Old App/ Detail:
His default appearance is his clothing from the lolita reign (second image).
Old Edo App-Clovis Hansen by Kouri-nClovis-detail by Kouri-nClovis Steampunk Detail by Kouri-nClovis- school detail by Kouri-nClockhearts Revamp Arabian Nights-detail by Kouri-n
His homies (He's always in search of more friends and is always open to rp's)
Mareike Talleheigh ( ~Rhapsody-Shaman ) She makes his kokoro go doki doki~
Cael Devereux ( ~tokkichi ) Blood-brother, former real brother, bromance 5ever
London Bexley ( =yueru ) She's so cool and awesome that words cannot explain.
Ingrid ( ~DreamInSpace ) He misses his little best buddy ;;u;;
Harper Fairchild ( ~aznzgurlx15 ) Met recently. Finds her fun to be around~
Septimus Marchell Lockheart ( ~xSeiGax ) He misses him too ;;u;;
•Avellana ( ~xEvangelica ) Happy idiots together.
Leonardo Risque (Leo) ( *naopichii ) Only met for a little while
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